Guitar Lessons Nottingham

Guitar Lessons Nottingham

We are pleased to team up with Joe Egan, a professional guitar teacher in Nottingham, to offer guitar lessons to students throughout the Nottinghamshire area. Joe has many years of teaching experience, tutoring students from the ages of 6 years old and upwards.

This includes many adult learners of all levels. He can help you to learn to play the guitar if you are a complete beginner or improve upon your guitar playing if you are a more advanced guitarist. Joe is jazz a specialist, however, is able to teach across a wide range of different genres including pop, rock, blues and folk. He teaches both electric and acoustic guitar, working hard to build a course of guitar lessons that are ideally suited to each of his pupils.

This means that he includes songs that his students enjoy listening to, as well as the ones that inspired them to pick up the guitar in the first place. He is based in central Nottingham at a teaching space located at 11 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AP. He also provides a small number of mobile guitar lessons, subject to his teaching schedule, to enable some of his guitar students to learn in the comfort of their own homes.

Alongside his guitar lessons, he is an experienced guitarist in his own right. Having gained a BA Hons in Music (Jazz) and Grade 8 Distinction, Joe now plays in an array of bands. These include Eshek, Lossa Bossa and Jiallo - a blend of different jazz styles. Joe brings all of this experience to his guitar lessons, meaning that he is able to draw upon many different technical exercises and songs that are ideally suited to helping you to rapidly learn to play the guitar.

To find out more about Joe guitar lessons in Nottingham, as well as to book your first lesson with him, don't hesitate to get in touch with Joe by emailing

Learn singing your favourite music

All our singing lessons are driven by learning through singing the songs you love! Whatever your musical style, whether it is pop, rock or classical I will help you to reach your singing goals! Each lesson is tailored to the students individual needs to make it exciting, relavent and most of all rewarding!

So to arrange your first singing lesson or to find out more about our lessons give me a call on 03458 690679 or send me an email!

Learn to sing!
I have always considered myself a good singer and didn't think I needed lessons but after just one lesson with Jazz I realised how much better I could become! She has definitely enhanced my strengths as well as improved my weaknesses and I learn something new every lesson. Jazz has proven to me that even if you are a good singer you need to exercise and train your voice. She definitely challenges me, gives great constructive advice and her lessons are always fun! - Alison (54)