About Singing Lessons Nottingham

About Singing Lessons Nottingham

Welcome to Singing Lessons Nottingham! My name is Jazz Bates-Chambers and I am a professional singing teacher based in Sandiacre, Nottingham. I teach students of all ages and abilities in individually tailored singing lessons that will help you develop your full vocal ability. Alongside my private singing lessons, I am an experienced solo singing, having taken part in The Voice 2014 as part of Ricky Wilson's team, making it to the final 12.

For my training as a teacher I have worked alongside Ali Tennant, vocal coach to celebrities such as Sam Smith and Jessie J. I know how to help you to get the most out of your voice and I have used my ability to develop my voice to perform in front of millions. You can listen to my performance of "Crazy" below, this was my audition for The Voice 2014.

I am passionate about helping my students to learn through the music that they are inspired by, whether they are complete beginners or more advanced students looking to build their own career in the music industry. I use my extensive performance and teaching experience to bring out the best in my students whilst also stretching them to expand their singing and performance abilities.

To book your first lesson with me, or to simply find out more about my singing lessons don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing info@singinglessonsnottingham.com.


"I think my lessons are really fun and exciting. I love them because I get to pick my own songs to sing!" – Rosie (11)

"Learning with Jazz has given me the confidence in myself to believe in myself when singing and performing. She shares her passion and love for music with her students which lets us share our passion with her and I would recommend her to anyone!" – Vikki (25)

"Jazz is a great teacher, very supportive and great source of knowledge about how to improve. For years I thought I could not sing but she helped me find my voice. Now I'm starting to write my own songs and even thinking about singing in public!!" – Ken (60)

Learn singing your favourite music

All our singing lessons are driven by learning through singing the songs you love! Whatever your musical style, whether it is pop, rock or classical I will help you to reach your singing goals! Each lesson is tailored to the students individual needs to make it exciting, relavent and most of all rewarding!

So to arrange your first singing lesson or to find out more about our lessons give me a call on 03458 690679 or send me an email!

Learn to sing!
I have always considered myself a good singer and didn't think I needed lessons but after just one lesson with Jazz I realised how much better I could become! She has definitely enhanced my strengths as well as improved my weaknesses and I learn something new every lesson. Jazz has proven to me that even if you are a good singer you need to exercise and train your voice. She definitely challenges me, gives great constructive advice and her lessons are always fun! - Alison (54)